AZ Leadership Conference
What is the Arizona Leadership Conference?
​We are proud to announce the 24th Annual Arizona Leadership Conference for the development of student leadership, section leaders, drum majors, color guard, percussion, and conducting technique. The three-day conference is designed to enhance the students' ability to succeed as a leader and be an asset to their program. 

​Each student will receive group and individual instruction in all areas of leadership, teaching techniques, contemporary drum major technique, color guard and percussion techniques. Topics to be discussed include: peer motivation, conflict resolution, goal setting, instructional techniques, the art of communication, negotiation, implementation, and other leadership skills. Also, specialized instruction will be given to drum majors and section leaders. Separate technique sessions will be implemented for percussion and color guard. 

Student leaders will be well prepared to aid directors in the development of ​​their music program. After being involved in many other student leadership camps, we believe that the blend of leadership activities and individual instruction will provide students with the best potential towards serving their music program. 
Duane Chun, Director of Bands - Buena High School, Arizona
                              “For the past 18 years, Bill Humbert and his staff have been great in providing my student leaders realistic tools and strategies for success on the field. The students come back to the program energized, excited and motivated to implement what they have learned”.​​

Camp Dates & Locations
Our 2017 Summer Camps were an amazing success.  Over 550 students from 52 high schools participated.  We look forward to announcing our dates for summer 2018 soon.
Camp Schedule

Thursday (Bring equipment or instrument)
11:30AM-1:00PM Student Check-in
1:00PM-6:00PM Camp Sessions

Friday (Bring equipment or instrument)
9:00AM-12:00PM Camp Sessions
12:00PM-1:30PM Lunch Break*
1:30PM-6:00PM Camp Sessions

Saturday (Bring equipment or instrument)
9:00AM-12:00PM Camp Sessions
12:00PM-1:30PM Lunch Break*
1:30PM-6:00PM Camp Sessions​​​​​​​​​​​

*Please note that the camp does not provide lunch.
​Students will need to bring their own lunch or drive to local restaurants during the lunch break. 

Items to Bring:

​​Drum Major: Main instrument ( Sat. only), notebook, and pencil

Section Leaders: ​Main instrument (Fri. Sat. only), notebook, and pencil

Percussion: Drum pad with snare stand (Thur. Fri. and Sat.), mallets, sticks, notebook, and pencil​​

Color Guard: Color guard equipment (Thur. Fri. and Sat.), practice flag, rifle, saber, notebook, and pencil​​

It is recommended for all students to bring water.​


    All registration will be online. Buttons to access the registration system will be here when we are live in 2018!