Leadership Workshops
Mr. Humbert's leadership workshops focus on establishing the definition that leadership is not a title or position of authority; instead, leadership is humility with the end goal of leading others to surpass yourself. Great leaders focus on shifting followers to become self-motivated leaders. Focus areas also include:
  • ​Effective Communication
  • The Value of Risk
  • Behavior Modification vs. Motivation
  • Setting High Standards of Excellence
  • Dealing with Insecurities
  • Fundamentals of Self-Discipline​​​​​​
Mr. Humbert's workshops will help your students understand that in order to achieve high levels of performance, they have to step forward and get the job done. In addition, your students will understand that their success is dependent upon the success of their teachers and peers. In order for a group to be successful, each individual must also be successful.
"Bill's sessions are tremendous. He gets their attention quickly and holds it with humor and serious messages.
​His leadership curriculum will leave your program on a new level."

Todd Zimbelman​ - West Salem High School, Oregon