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​​​​​​​​Band Leadership
​​​​​​​AZ Leadership Conference 

​Thank you! Our Conferences were a huge success!
​We were able to serve approximately 570 students
last year. This year marks our 25th year! ​

Conference Dates for 2020 
​are posted on the Conference Page
​Check-out what last years participants ​had to say:

  • "I feel so blessed to say I feel just as inspired for the second year in a row. I will be back."
  • "I've gained knowledge and confidence to be the best drum major yet. This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for everything!"
  • "Drum major sessions were very helpful. I feel more confident about how to conduct, and some points the previous drum majors did not tell me or clarify were brought to light during camp. Also, I feel more confident in being a leader and how to be a good one. Thank you so much!"
  • "This camp was awesome. I learned a lot over the last three days. This definitely helped eliminate the stress of being a new section leader. I now actually feel prepared for this season and other leadership opportunities."​​

​Private Workshops​ 

​Mr. Humbert offers trainings to fit the needs of your program. Participants will gain the concepts and tools they will need to develop positive self-esteem while maintaining a strong self-image. Bill’s fresh, enthusiastic, and entertaining approach to education will provide a positive experience that will motivate participants to do their very best. This is a great way to kick off the school year or energize your group before a big event or at the mid-point of the semester.

Conference Features
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Sectional How-to
  • Technique & Skill
  • Conducting
“One of the benefits from having Bill come work with my student leaders is that afterwards they had a better understanding of their role and how they fit into the program as leaders.
​They came out of the session understanding the need for setting both
​long /short term success goals and means to brainstorm solutions”.
​Duane Chun, Buena High School​​

Learn to Lead Sectionals
Learn Technique
Learn Rehearsal Skills
Learn Technique
Learn to Conduct
Learn to Lead
Learn Proper Warm-Ups
Conducting Practice
Learn to Conduct
Dance Technique
Dance Technique
Brass Sectionals
Team Building
Team Building
Team Building
Circle Activity
Team Building
Team Building
Stretching Technique
Woodwind Sections
Team Building
Guard Technique