Tim Lautzenheiser, President – Attitude Concepts for Today
“Bill has an incredible sensitivity and innate ability to communicate to students in an efficient and effective language. Rarely have I been in the presence of anyone who sets and attains such high goals with an enthusiastic teaching style unknown in common hours.”

George Hattendorf, Director of Bands – Mountain Ridge High School, Arizona
​“I am very particular in terms of whom I will allow in front of my kids and you most certainly are at the top of my list! Your standards and expectations fall directly in line with mine and that is one reason why I think we work so well together. The full group leadership activity that you conducted is still the talk of the parents. I was also impressed with your complete willingness to jump in and help in anyway that you could from running sectionals, overseeing drill basics, fixing drill problems and conducting large group motivational activities.”

Todd Zimbelman​, Director of Bands - West Salem High School, Oregon
"Bill's sessions are tremendous. He gets their attention quickly and holds it with humor and serious messages. His leadership curriculum will leave your program on a new level."

Duane Chun, Director of Bands - Buena High School, Arizona
“For the past 18 years, Bill Humbert and his staff have been great in providing my student leaders realistic tools and strategies for success on the field. The students come back to the program energized, excited and motivated to implement what they have learned”. ​​

Jennifer Hamilton, Director of Bands – Coconino High School, Arizona
“I just wanted to thank you again for coming out and working with the kids. I had no idea how much they needed it until we got into it. It was very productive. We are putting many of the ideas that we decided on into action now. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again. I think the kids really learned a lot from it and it has certainly helped get our program going in the right direction. Thanks again so much for a great clinic.”​​

Carson L. Vermillion, D. M. A., Director of Bands - Science Hill High School, Tennesse​​e
"​I have hosted Bill on my campus the past three years and will have him out this summer for a fourth time. In that time, we have instituted many of his techniques into our day to day rehearsals and they have a made significant difference in our rehearsals and the overall work ethic of the band. The kids really try to build each other up and work with each other from veterans to rookies. Each year our leaders have grown stronger and have taken more ownership in the entire program. It truly has made us a better band!"

Jesse Schattin, Director of Bands - McClintock High School, Arizona
"I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Arizona Leadership Conference. Mr. Humbert and his staff are top notch and do an excellent job of providing students with the skills and experiences necessary to engage their peers and the community in a meaningful way. My students have always come away from each experience with something new and exciting for the ensemble and it has been remarkable to see the effect that this workshop has had on the students, as individuals and as a group."
Jenny Wempen, Student – Independence High School, Arizona
“I can tell you that before your workshop, we all had different ideas of how to do things. Now we understand what it takes to be better and stick all of our ideas together and work as a team. You promised us big things, and you delivered even bigger. Thank You.”

Tiffany Walas, Student – Shadow Mountain High School, Arizona
“I can’t thank you enough for the information and confidence that you gave me. Your workshop brought out a want in me to become a better person, and I believe that because of what you said and taught me, I am.”

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